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Welcome to the annual fundraising dinner for the Human Rights Champagne Fund, formal dress required of course -- we wouldn’t want the riff-raff getting in, am I right? Come see all the equality your precious pink dollars have bought this year! Things are looking up for white, upper middle class gays and lesbians; you can have a destination wedding or even adopt a brown baby! Economic colonialism is a myth, right? We’re all just trying to have fun here! We’ll also conveniently forget that about 40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ-identified, ‘cause listen, we’ve worked hard, we deserve a rest! Can’t we just wait for the trickle down? Now where’s my martini? No HRC, your marriage ain’t for me and I’m so tired of your homonormativity where’s all your cash when queer kids get bashed? Gentrifying neighborhoods, looking pretty on my TV You act like gay marriage is the only oppression left Like once we get that, oh it’ll be game and set you say you’re fighting the good fight to get us equal rights but people are on the streets and dying every single night
Ripe 02:35
You're not stinky, you're just ripe. I want to take a fruity bite. Some folks say your room's a sty. But I’d sleep there with you tonight. Don't need Axe, don't need Old Spice. Your BO smells oh so very nice. Don't need Arm & Hammer, don't need Dove. Don't need corporate scents for our love. Some folks prefer nice and clean But being yourself is more my scene. They tell you to wash in droves. I prefer your pheromones! Don't need Axe, don't need Old Spice. Your BO smells oh so very nice. Don't need Arm & Hammer, don't need Dove. Don't need corporate scents for our love. I don't care if you don’t shower. Just be happy with who you are.
South Song 04:03
It’s been three months since I’ve seen the James, Traveled down Tennessee’s valleys and hollows. My heart hasn’t stopped for a city like Richmond and the kisses and tea haven’t been as sweet. Late nights don’t pass like they used to. I spend more time in traffic than I feel alive. Deep down I know where my home is. Just a few more years and I’ll be fine. The friends that I’ve made here are sweeter than peaches. Hardworking and valiant, they know they must fight a legacy of racial colonization and authoritarianism from the Left and the Right. In Maryland, I learned to love another. In West Virginia, I started loving myself and carried those feelings from the Carolinas to Florida. I got to go down South for my health. I don’t want to go to the City tonight. I just want to stay here with you. This could be anywhere, but I only feel it when I’m down here. There’s no place like the South to me. There’s no place that I’d rather be.
Take Care 03:22
They said to me: “Do you ever get the feeling like I do, where you wanna lay down and just never wake up? Never wake up. Do you ever get that feeling like I do, when you wanna drop it all and just give up? Just be a fuck up?” I said: “Yeah, I wanna melt through the floor sometimes, but you know we gotta fight even when there’s no end in sight. Think of all those people who fought their whole lives to get the little justice we got. Think of those yet to come, who will have a better life cause you put up a fight.” Never forget that we need to sleep, take care, take rest and don’t forget to eat. We’ll wake up tomorrow and build a new day. We’re in this together, we’ll be ok. Wherever I go and whoever I’ll be, I’ll always remember to take care of me.
Cocoon 03:25
I want to be a cocoon. I want to grow up just like you. Feeling nothing, doing nothing, being nothing. I want to live my whole life, live it in this empty shell, But all I feel is nothing, nothing. I just want to survive in capitalist life. You went and got a job and you did it really well. Surplus value means nothing, nothing. You have a family, a house, and your finances are swell. Does your life truly mean something? You were meant to thrive in capitalist life. When you die, I'll burn your body by the sea And spread your ashes on a fruit bearing tree. Let it bear food for generations to come. Repentance for your crimes under capitalism. And the others out there, why can't they be like you? Always wanting, always needing, always something. And it seems like no matter what we do Their lives amounts to nothing. They were meant to die in capitalist life.


This album comes with a free zine. We made this zine because we don’t want the fun part of a record to get lost in the world of digital music.We want you to read this zine while you stream the album for the very first time. We want you to reread it again after you’ve listened to it once. If you don’t read it, we at least want you to think that it looks really frickin’ cool and that you’ll want to show it off. We want this zine and this album to be shared, xeroxed to hell and back, and shared again. The album’s for money if you want to buy it from us, but we’d be really happy if you share it with your friends.


released September 12, 2015

Recorded by Pedro Aida at Audio Verite and mixed by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.


all rights reserved



Queer Rocket Richmond, Virginia

We're here to play music and revolt and stuff.

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