Blast Off!

by Queer Rocket

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released December 7, 2013

Anton (guitar + vocals), Jasper (guitar + vocals), Claire (bass), Cal (drums).

Recorded by Bryan Walthall at the Sound of Music Recording Studio.
Mastered by Dan ABH at the Lab.



all rights reserved


Queer Rocket Richmond, Virginia

We're here to play music and revolt and stuff.

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Track Name: Queer Rocket
We’re so fucking sick
of your cissexist bullshit
we’re building a rocket
blast away into space
glitter smoke into your face

System’s pretty fucked
so if you feel like one of us
climb on board
we’ll build our own world
queer rocket style

We’re through
with your fucked up neoliberalism
going to
rock rock rock rocket off!

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Blast off!
Track Name: Scottie's Song
Want to go down to south to Australia where the animals have weird genitalia. Wanna watch the mammalia with you.
I used to think life is shit but I figured I haven't made the most of it if I haven't even visited you.

TV says home is where the heart is and noone wants a broken home.
Tom Waits says home is where I lay my head, but if that's the case I'm going to be home all alone.

Let's give each other stick n' pokes and make fun of the sexist blokes.
The heart is a muscle and we know how to use it.
I can go home any time but I find myself wandering all the time. I wonder if you feel wanderlust too.

Track Name: 7/4
The prison industrial complex in the “land of the free” is modern day slavery whereby millions of people, mainly Black and Latino people, are enchained for petty crimes, profiled, torn from their communities, and forced to work for less than fifty cents an hour. Do 23 cent wages keep your white suburban world safe? crime rates shrink and incarceration rates go up. For-profit prisons continue the American tradition of exploiting cheap labor from Black and Brown bodies to line the pockets of the rich.

I have the freedom of speech
and I know how to use it.
They want to take it away.

I have the freedom of speech
I’m not afraid to use it.
They want to take it away.

While these prisoners work for 14, for 21, for 23 cents an hour, the rich white collar criminal walks free. No matter how many people they plunged into poverty, how many homes are foreclosed on, how many jobs are lost, markets crashed, lives ruined, we don’t find the ones responsible brought to justice. The scales are stacked. The rich buy their freedom. The rest of us have to fight.

Track Name: Anarchy Date
Let's go on an anarchy date, take out our molotovs and burn down the state, it'll be quiet a sight. Let's paint the town black and red, as the politicians cower under their beds, no going back tonight.

And the queer farmers will let out their livestock and breed a revolution on the interstate. And the suburban kids will flee from the cul-de-sacs and barricade the streets with their mom's vans. And together we'll tear down the walls that make this whole system possible. The world will come to a stand still, but our hearts will keep on beating.

Mine's beating cuz you're so cute.

We'll cross our hearts and circle our As and run into the wild to hide out for days, until there's no enemies in sight. We'll make do without electricity and find out how electrifying our bodies can be when we keep each other warm tonight.

And the young professionals will become amateurs and abandon themselves to a life of yearning. And the poor kids in urban centers will manifest their will to power. And we'll occupy and DIY cuz without each other we may as well die. The world will come to a stand still, but we'll make sure it keeps on turning.

I'm turned on cuz you're so cute.
Track Name: Bash Back
(They) want AIDS to kill us
It's the gay disease
Want to annihilate us
and our sodomy.

Wanna live in a straight world
Where we're all gone.
Put in gay away camps
Until we come out just like them.

But we'll bash back
Gay God'll tear down evil churches.
Bash back, fuck in your community's pool.
Bash back, spread porn & nihilism
Bash back, destroy all master's tools.

Now you know we're here,
You know we're here to stay.
Now you want us to be just like you cuz you can't stand it any other way.

Play keep away with marriage on one hand
While queers in prison suffer.
Let us die on your battlefields and kill us in the streets.

We'll bash back
Take away all your fast food chicken.
Bash back, sass all over your home.
Bash back, embarrass you in public.
Bash back, do you feel alone?

You have taught us how to fight
We're coming for more than civil rights
Try to stop us with all your might
But we're overcoming you.